【Whispering Eyes. Heart’s Lantu.】Fun遊花蓮就有故事

“Whispering Eyes. Heart’s Lantu” takes you to see Hualien’s wonderful four seasons and infinite charm✨✨✨
Use “Wild Lan” to evoke the artistic conception of “come back to Hualien for a walk” in tourists, and visit Hualien that makes people look back and fall in love. Almost all of Hualien is in a national scenic area, and it only takes 10 minutes to go up the mountain and down to the sea. There are Taiwan Highway 11 overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan Highway 9 for mountain views, and Highway 193 for walking in the middle of rice waves. Follow the scents of the four seasons to find the scent of coffee, pomelo, tea, etc., and use the video to find the scent, so that tourists can slow down and walk around Taroko, Qixingtan, Dongdamen Night Market, Liyu Lake, Xinshe Terraced Fields, Fengbin Qinbuzi Trail, etc. Attractions, there are also a number of large-scale activities, such as the Red-faced Duck FUN summer vacation, Summer Love Carnival concert, Aboriginal United Harvest Festival, Aesthetics Festival, etc., open arms like mountains and seas, and embrace international travelers from all over the world. The vast Hualien County outlines a blueprint for the future life center.

Hualien has a verdant and lush spring that makes you forget to go back, a passionate midsummer with magnificent mountains and seas, a picturesque golden autumn, and the blissful winter sun and wild stream warm soup.